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March 19th, 2010 by Peter Anselmo Leave a reply »

I had a client request a modification of the “Groups” widget for BuddyPress.  Instead, it should be limited to the groups for the logged in user.  And so, I give you the “My Groups” widget.  It will display all the groups for the user alphabetially sorted.  Cheers.

bp-my-groups-widget.php (zip)


  1. candy says:

    And how on Earth do you install this !???! Where?

    A minimum of “how to” intructions belong to any plugin you know ….

  2. Just place the file in your plugins/ folder, and then it will appear as a widget. Cheers.

  3. Jay says:

    Is this WP 3.2 and BP 1.2 compatible?

  4. Thomas GS says:

    I added the file in the plugins/ folder, but nothing appear as a “my groups” widget.

  5. Gabor says:

    Works perfectly! @Thomas GS you need to unzip it you know?

    One suggestion though. Widget should disappear if user is not loged in.


  6. 100% from Brazil 🙂

    nice joob man!

    in the next time, install a choose to display groups in grid or list * suggestion 😉

  7. danesensei says:

    you’ve made my day! it works! thanks.

  8. James says:

    Hi – love this plugin – running in to a strange issue though. I have it on my sidebar and its working perfectly, however, when I use the bp search form and search for something, the search returns fine but the groups widget only returns one group – I’m also using the bp search activity plugin, and when I search for activity, the groups widget retunrs “you have not joined any groups” – Have you seen this happen before?

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