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How to get your car registered in Maryland (in 24 easy steps)

June 8th, 2011

1. Visit the MVA (Maryland’s special name for the DMV), find you need an Inspection, the Title, and Forms filled out.

2. Fill out Forms.

3. Call Lender, request Title.

4. Get car inspected.

5. Fail inspection because there’s a tiny sub-bulb of the headlight out, windshield wipers are worn, and the windows are tinted.

6. Fix headlight and windshield wipers, need to have MVA police officer inspect tint.

7. Lender mails notice, saying DMV has Title and will send it within 21 business days.

8. (On a Friday)Visit MVA to have officer inspect tint, find out police officers are only on duty Wed & Thurs 8:00 – 12:00.

9. (On a Thursday) Visit MVA, officer measures tint. Too dark, must remove.

10. Go to tint shop, pay to have tint removed.

11. (On a Thursday) Visit MVA, officers are now only on duty Wed 8:00-12:00.

12. (The following Wednesday) Visit MVA, officer approves lack of tint.

13. Go back to inspection place; car needs all new inspection because it’s been more than 30 days.  Bring back when you have time to wait.

14. Get car inspected.

15. Pass inspection.

16. Call up the CA DMV and ask them why it’s taking so friggin’ long to get Title.  They say it’s in process.

17. Receive Title in mail, ~50 days after requested.

18. Go to MVA with Title and inspection certificate in hand.  Wait in two lines.  Find out you need proof of Maryland insurance.  CA insurance doesn’t cut it.

19.  Call insurance, transfer isn’t simple, They need more info and signed docs.  Leave the MVA.

20. Set up new Insurance.

21. Cancel old insurance.

22. Re-fill out forms.

23. Visit MVA with Title, Inspection, Insurance and Forms.