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Online Flashcards

May 29th, 2010

I’ve stared a new side project – an online flashcard site.  This has stemmed from four reasons:

1. There are currently (that I could find) no smart flashcard sites.  When I use flashcards I don’t just look at the front and back from start to finish.  This is how all existing sites online work.  I want to remove cards I know as I go, swap the front & back (starting with definitions), shuffle them, and much more.  This site will do all that.

2. There are no multi-platform flashcard sites.  I want to create the cards on my desktop computer, and be able to browse them later on my smartphone.  This site will have an iPhone and Android compatible web version, making it truly convienient.

3. I (personally) like to use flashcards to learn things, and I need a better system to do it.

4. I need a good project to get some jQtouch mobile code under my belt.

There is currently a beta version of the site available, it’s basically more of a proof-of-concept at this stage.  Many features are not yet implemented, it’s just the basics. Feel free to check it out, and leave some feedback as a comment. I’ve started the mobile version as well, but it’s currently buggy and not worth visiting.

Online Flashcards